True RMS Multimeter with Bluetooth CEM DT-9987

  • 50000 Counts, 320×240 TFT LCD color display
  •  True RMS measurement
  • AC/ DC Measurement, AC+DC  Measurement
  • Data Logger function
  • Measurement of AC/DC current and voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, duty cycle, diode and continuity test
  • Bluetooth data transfer
  • CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V


The 9987 Professional True RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter with TFT color LCD display, providing fast A/D converting sampling time, high accuracy, built-in datalogging and Trend Capture feactures. It can trace any interrupted problems of the equipments and watch on without person. It is easy to find and solve the problems of the production equipments, providing Bluetooth technology and memory the datasheets. It is much safer measurements with double molded plastic housing design and IP67 waterproof.


  • 50,000 count 320 x 240 TFT color LCD display
  • AC/ DC Measurement, AC+DC  Measurement
  • Events and trends Records
  • Save up to 10,000 readings
  • Moto winding and low ohm 50Ω measurement range
  • Software support für PC und Android/ iOS
  • Logging function with Trend-Capture for easy review of logged data
  • Bluetooth data transfer
  • 100kHz bandwidth (voltage/ current)
  • Fast A / D Converter sampling
  • Min/Max/Average with Time stamp (records signal fluctuations)
  • Peak capture (records transients as fast as 250μs)
  • 4-20mA process loop measurements with % reading
  • Low pass filter
  • Bluetooth for data transferring data & calibration
  • CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V
  • IP-Rating 67
  • Software support für PC und Android/ iOS

Technical specifications:

FunctionMax. RangeResolution Accuracy
Voltage DC1000V1μV±(0,025% + 5)
Voltage AC1000V1μV±(0,3% + 25)
Current DC10A0.01μA±(0,1% + 20)
Current AC10A0.01μA±(0,6% + 25)
Temperature-50°C bis 1000°C0.1°C±(1,0% + 2,5ºC)
Resistance50MΩ0.01Ω±(0,05% + 10)
Capacitance10mF0.001nF±(2,0% + 40)
Frequency10MHz0.01Hz±(0,01% + 10)
Duty Cycle0,1% to 99,90%; ±(1,2% + 2d)Pulse width: 100µs-100ms,Frequency: 5Hz-150KHz
Diode testtest current: 0,9mA max.; Test voltage 3,2V DC
Continuity TestBeep: under 25 Ω; Test current under 0,35mA
Data InterfaceBluetooth
Power Supply16 hours Li-ion rechargeable battery


DMM DT-9987, test leads, Type-K temperature probe, Li-Ion battery and charger, software, user manual (eng).