CEM everbest become Foxconn Technology Group Instrument Suppliers

10.Mai 2016

November 18, 2015 CEM signed with Foxconn success! CEM everbest official stationed Foxconn supplier system to become the group’s own internal test and measurement instrumentation systems in strategic suppliers, the two sides have maintained good relations of cooperation.

Foxconn Group
The global consumer electronics OEM Empire, bear Nokia, Apple, HP, Sony and other famous international brands a public electronic products OEM work. Is the world’s largest electronics manufacturing services industry, science and technology. 2014 import and export volume in China accounted for 3.5% of the total import and export; in 2015 among the „Fortune Global 500“ 31.

CEM has been able in many instrument vendors emerge, eventually signing with Foxconn success relies on the strength of its business and the accumulation of more than two decades in the industry a good reputation.

CEM has excellent product
Products in full compliance with international quality certification standards CE, UL, ROHS, and meet environmental requirements. Products are exported to Europe and America more than 90 countries and regions, by users around the world trust and praise.

CEM has the top R & D
Attaches great importance to the technological content of products, the company has two R & D team in Shenzhen and Shanghai at any time for customers OEM / ODM projects to provide services. CEM measuring equipment / instrumentation in thermal imaging, laser ranging, multimeters, etc., are in the lead in the industry. In some areas, the industry’s international giants also learn from their technology development.

CEM and improve quality standards, relying on meticulous work attitude, so CEM measuring instrument / instruments to maintain a unique product quality and stability, relying on the strength and integrity, always adhere to the principle of quality, to create the most beautiful, the best quality product excellence, Keeping pace with times!